Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zoner Photo Studio Pro v16.0.1.4 Full Version With Free

Now with Touch ControlZoner Photo Studio is the first
free photo edit software with Touch Controls.Find, edit, show and share s faster than ever. Bring those same Touch Control motions that you use on your smartphone and tablet to your PC!

Cycle through photos with just a flick of the fingerZoom in and out using pinch actionsSelect desired files or retouch options with a single tapEditing—Faster and sier Than EverWhat You Want In One PlaceStop spending time hunting through pull-down edit option bars to loe what you want. The Editor now displays all functions in a Quick Edits pane on the right hand side of the workspace. sy-to-use sliders deliver instant results.

Geotag Photos to MapsSee Where You’ve Been
Click on a photo, drag it to a map, and Zoner Photo Studio crtes a virtual pusin that automatically adds a Geotag to the file and places it on the map.

Have a camera that alrdy Geotags your photos? Those tags will be visible when you import them into Zoner Photo Studio.

Geotags also display in Zonerama album photos.

Content-Aware Resizinglit Photo Composition
Wish to change a photo's composition or size without shrinking or cropping elements?

New for version 16 is Content-Aware resizing and the ability to adjust only ars you designate.

Use to:

bring two people side-by-sidemake narrow an object that’s too wideimprove overall balance
and proportionOfficial Page :

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