Thursday, May 26, 2016

Screeny Professional 3.5.0 With Free

Screeny 3 Professional Screeny 3 Professional, the software for individuals, is a very powerful and flexible tool for professional desktop screenshots and s, which you can hold everything from your screen as an file or .
Screeny 3 is the screenshot program for professional screen shots, even from DirectX games, with innovative and comprehensive recording and distribution capabilities. The perfect collaboration with MS , Screeny 3 Professional fits also perfectly into your environment.
Who needs screenshots every day makes the job sier with Screeny 3 Professional!

Forget rigid operating concepts of other providers! Configure your control surface itself! Decide for yourself what should be included and what should happen with it. All settings are stored in macro profiles that you can customize to your needs. Change the existing macro profiles according to your wishes from, or crte new and highly individual with your settings. You can arrange your macro profiles in groups and adapt as the user interface of Screeny 3 to your wishes. All consumption-related settings are managed in this macro profiles, freely configurable. You can crte your own macros, customize, whether receiving ar, hot, effect settings .... and with the different styles you can customize the apprance of three Screeny individually to your taste!
The appliions for Screeny 3 Professional are very diverse
for assistance in the user interface of programsfor copies of programs that can not be stored differentlyfor error documentation from an for demonstration s of programs for product advertisingIllustrate installation proceduresProvide a software product...The concept
Flexible operating concept; adjust the functionality to your needsMacro-based surface; crte your own macros, ch with different characteristics for reception ar, output, etc.Macro-based or global plan for admission (, output, etc.)Apprance of the user interface (themes) to your personal taste selectable (Black, Blue ...)Built-in tools
Powerful editor for your recordings browser view and Explorer functionality 2 window Converter, sily convert s into different file formatsScreenshot recording mode options
Screeny 3 Professional has an extensive equipment of shooting modes to rlly just take it all in from the screen as you need recording.
Recording modes:
Recording selection rectangleSelection uptake aroundSelection recording freeCapture region selectionWindow CaptureWindow Capture clientWindow Capture all visible Record menu, incredibly sy to record nested menu structuresRecord Scrolling arsObject recordingFull screenDOS windowOutput options screenshot mode
Screeny 3 Professional has extensive distribution capabilities to bring your recording to the destination of your choice.
Recording can be saved in the following formats:
JPG FileGIF filePNGBMP fileTIFF filePDF fileThe recordings can also be passed directly from Screeny 3 Professional to various destinations:
Save as filePrintingSend by e-mailUpload to FTP ServerOpen in AppliionThe internal editor to insertIn MS ExcelIn MS WordIn MS PowerPointinsert into MindManagerSave in clipboardDrop Drag and drop into virtually any appliionSave as PDF file
Ways of recording recording
With Screeny 3 Professional, you also have the ability to take footage from the action on the screen, idl that can be examined or training to illustrate eg operating steps in programs, of course, including eg sound through a connected microphone.
Here are several shooting modes, as well as output formats to choose from:
Recording modes:
Full screenSelection arSelectable windowOutput formats:

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