Thursday, May 26, 2016

Raise Data Recovery for FAT With + Free

Raise Data Recovery for FAT can only access and recover data from FAT, FAT32 and ExFAT file systems. Recognition of other file systems is implemented for informational puposes only.

FAT file system ftures quite good chances for recovery of deleted files unless they're overwritten. Powerful tools used by Raise Data recovery for FAT incrse chances to recover lost data with maximum possible data recovery result.

The software work applying the same powerful mechanisms as UFS Explorer Standard Recovery software that enable efficient recovery of accidentally deleted data and data lost due to logical file system damages after formatting hard , hardware malfunctions or software failures, virus attacks, power outages etc. With Raise Data Recovery you can recover data from your PC, USB flash drive, memory card of your photo/ camera, external hard drive as well as from s and virtual machines formatted with such file system. For enhanced capabilities the software were supplemented with plug-ins for reconstruction and further recovery from complex RAID-systems as well.

Despite restrictions that limit data recovery to one file system, the software recognizes other file systems as well - (NTFS, FAT); Mac OS (HFS+); Linux (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 , Reiser, XFS, JFS (JFS2) and FreeBSD (UFS/UFS2). Raise Data Recovery will detect file system type and find lost and deleted data that allows you to define file system type and select Raise Data Recovery software for your file system.

Working with Raise Data Recovery you can be absolutely sure of complete safety of your data. The software work in a safe rd-only mode and don't alter original information. Besides, you don't need any prior technical skills for work with these programs. User-friendly interface and se-of-use make them a perfect solution even for non-experienced users.

Rsonable price of the software focused on your file system type will save your money and fast-working powerful software mechanisms will save your time.

Special tool for FAT recoveryRecover lost or deleted files from FAT, FAT32 and ExFAT-formatted s, flash memory sticks, flash memory cards of most vendors and manufacturers.
Fast evaluation of file system statePre-start basic file system diagnostics assesses eral file system condition that helps determine data recovery direction.
Recovery from replaced file systemsAccurate detection of current and previous file systems after format and targeting recovery process at certain file system state.
Advanced all-at-once recoveryProvides for selection of necessary files and building file system tree similar to the original one on the target storage.
Functional extensionsExtend software operations with a set of optional external modules (plugins).

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