Thursday, May 26, 2016

MiniTool Power Data Recovery 6.8 With Free

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an sy-to-use and all in one free file recovery software for home users. With this most effective free file recovery tool, you do not need to have technical background to use it. All the data recovery steps are logical and sy like 1-2-3. Just follow the data recovery step, and you will get your lost data back. Unlike other free file recovery software. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is very powerful and professional.

It not only helps you recover deleted files, but also recovers data from damaged, reformatted hard drive as well. Furthermore, MiniTool Power Data Recovery not only recovers data from hard and RAID device, but also supports to recover data from , s, memory card, memory stick, and flash drive.

As a data recovery software suite, MiniTool Power Data Recovery includes five data recovery modules - Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery and / Recovery. ch data recovery module focuses on different data loss condition.

And we provide Power Data Recovery Boot for you. With our Data Recovery Boot , you could recover data after system crash, hard drive crash and booting problems without Operating System.
Data Recovery Abilities:Recover deleted files and foldersRecover data from damaged partitionRecover data from inaccessible hard driveRecover data after re-partitionRecover data from a crashed hard driveRecover data after an MBR corruptionRecover data after reinstalling Recover data from formatted partition with original path and filenameRecover photos from memory cardRecover music and from iPodRecover data from quick formatted / Recover data from an unfinalized Recover files from scratched or defective and Recover data from Dynamic Volume
(Spanned Volume, Striped Volume, Mirrored Volume and RAID5 Volume)

Undelete RecoveryDamaged partition RecoveryLost partition RecoveryDigital Media Recovery/ Recover
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