Thursday, May 26, 2016

Longtion AutoRun Pro Enterprise With And Free

AutoRun Pro Enterprise II is a powerful visual tool to crte professional autorun (autoplay) interfaces and presentations for your /s. It is the siest way to crte, edit professional autorun (autoplay) interface and erate autorun files for /s in a WYSIWYG environment, just click, point, place and test (preview). So all is visual, fast, simple. AutoRun Pro is sy to lrn, with demos and wizards you can get started in just minutes!

36 Objects: Panel, TabNotebook, TabSheet, GroupBox, ScrollBox, Splitter, Button, Button, , Bevel, SimpleText, ScrollText, Link, FadeButton, Label, Text, Shape, Balloon, Note, ListBox, DropDownList, ListView, TreeView, ShellListView, ShellTreeView, TextBox, RichText, Browser, MediaPlayer, PDFRder, FlashPlayer, SlideShow, Edit, User, CheckBox and RadioButton.

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Download Setup

: 0020C73A859F82F3
: E914900FD3644349
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