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Brother DCP-1510 Driver Free Download

Brother DCP-1510 Driver Free DownloadBrother DCP-1510 Driver Free Download. Brother DCP-1510 has a function as a printer, scanner, and copier. Despite its simple ftures, the DCP-1510 uses the mainstay of anti-innovation-hour paper. Innovation is achieved by crting a tray / paper tray (your paper) longer to go always straight position paper. Strip the paper in the machine also made ​​shorter to 22 cm in order to avoid changes in the direction of the paper. Also included a double roller with rubber anti-dust material in order to pull the paper more precision without interruption dust that often makes misses. One improvement is also done by adding another module to straighten the curve on paper that often occurs during printing.
Brother DCP-1510 uses a separate cartridge between the toner and drum units thus making it more environmentally friendly. The toner itself optimally capable of printing up to a thousand pieces. And drum unit can last up to ten thousand pieces which mns it can be used up to a maximum of ten times the replacement toner.
In terms of speed, while the time taken to print, scan, and copy, the Brother DCP-1510 can do it quickly. When printing a single sheet format JPG equal to the time it takes to print five sheets of RTF documents. Similarly, when duplie (copy). Because the use of energy-saving technologies, the device is in sleep state when not in use for some particular moment. To rebuild it, only takes about nine seconds.
Print quality of Brother DCP-1510 possessed, especially black fairly concentrated. This is evident when we print in full black color on A4 size paper. However, the results are somewhat different when printing black color graded display. Gray color looks less solid. The results also document copying black good produce, despite the decline of the original document remains visible. Especially for scanning, you can scan a color document or black. At a resolution of 300 dpi option to the above, the result is quite good. While under the results are less good, although the process becomes faster.In eral, excess Brother DCP-1510 is a nice black print; print time tracks; anti-paper-hour; environmentally friendly; affordable prices. While the drawback is the simple fture; less black shades; scanned at low resolution is not good.

Brother DCP-1510 Driver Free Download Supported Operating Systems: 8.1 8 7 Vista XPMac OS
The steps to install the printer on your computer or laptop :

Turn on the computer or laptop.Connect the printer with komputerlaptop.Enter / plug the data cable from the printer to the USB hole on the computer / laptop.Turn on the printer, of course, after the printer is connected to a power source.If the printer cable is connected, the computer will detect it.If using the printer driver , plse insert the printer driver .If using a software (driver) from the downloaded, plse double-click on the software (the driver), then will appr the option to install the printer.Click the "sy Install" to all functions and devices installed into the laptop / computer, or click the "Custom Install" if just want some functions are installed.After clicking the "sy Install", then the printer installation will begin.Just click the "Next" or "Continue" or any similar one stating approval if emerge choices.Wait for the printer to finish the installation process.To check whether the printer installation process is successful or not, you can immediately try to print one sheet of paperor can also directly check the success of the process of installing a printer via the Start button then select (click on) the Control Panel, then select "Printers and Other hardware", then click "Printers and Faxes", it will show the type and the installed printer series.

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