Thursday, May 26, 2016

Aleo Flash Pan Zoom Viewer V1.2 Full Version With Free

Aleo Flash Pan Zoom Viewer Make Flash pan zoom viewer for and SWF files in minutes without knowledge of Flash.

Ftures sy to use interface.No requirement of Flash Studio.No requirement of Flash knowledge. Make Flash pan and zoom viewer in minutes.Support files and SWF files.Support multiple and SWF files.Support mouse drag and drop.Support zoom in, zoom out and move with board.Support navigator view window.Support s selection list.Fully customizable control panel.Fully customizable pan and zoom speed.Add audio controller to the Flash .Customizable flash and preloader.XML file driven.Official Site :

Download Only Setup
DownloadAleo Flash Pan Zoom Viewer V1.2 With Download Only
How To
-Install Program.
- Copy the file to C:\Program Files\Aleo Software\Flash Pan Zoom Viewer
- Run the .exe file
- Press button
- Enjoy !!!
How To Download From ( /Pic )

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